Home January 23, 2018

Theophane exceeded all of our expectations

We got married in 2006. Very soon we found out that it would be difficult for us to have biological children. For us, adoption was the most obvious path to form a family, instead of other options such as the medical option.

The idea of providing a home and a family for abandoned children was fair to us, either adopting in France or internationally. We decided to submit our application to La Casa de la Madre y el Niño, because of the good experience there of several of our friends.

Just when we were giving up hope to adopt in Colombia, because the French authorities had warned us of some complication in the process in Paris, we received an extraordinary call from La Casa, offering a child to us. We were jubilant! We immediately accepted this 2 year old, with very little knowledge of his background, but as the days go by we have proof that we were right in trusting the Divine Providence.

We will always remember the first encounter with our child as a very moving moment. The love we felt was instantaneous, even though we had had some meetings through Skype. This love bond was very important during the first days of our integration together with our child.

We never lost hope, trust and serenity during the long years of the waiting period. However, Theophane fulfilled all of our expectations, and every day he does, more and more. His love and his capability to adapt to everything never cease to amaze us.

La Casa is for us an institution that not only provides superior care for the children under its protection, but it also is a space that reaches our very soul as it joins together so many families. It is a marvelous which allows every child to feel loved, in an environment with a lot of credibility for many generations.

We hope La Casa would be able to continue this beautiful work, under the best possible conditions, serving both the children and the pregnant mothers.