About Us

We are a non-profit organization, founded seventy-five years ago by Maria Lopez Michelsen, who had the vision to join parents who were looking for the love of a son or a daughter, with children in abandonment, who, in turn, were looking for a loving home. We ensure the right to life, through our pregnant mothers who have decided to give up their child for adoption, as the best alternative to grant their children the future they cannot offer them. We also provide protection to minors during the process of restoration of some of their fundamental rights, such as health, education, nutrition and physical and social development.

Brief History

Mrs. Maria Lopez Michelsen was deeply moved in 1942 when, working as a volunteer at San José Hospital, became aware of the sad future of the abandoned children in Colombia. They were placed on the hands of Welfare until they became of age. It was then, when she founded the first adoption institution in Colombia, who has offered the right to grow up in a family to more than 8,000 children.

In 1978 she also found the House for the Single Mother or the Pregnant Mother, to support the mothers who decide that adoption is the best alternative, as well as the best mechanism, to respect the right to life of their children.

Today, La Casa is one of the private institutions more renowned because of its credibility and prestige in Colombia, due to its achievements and contribution to the wellbeing and welfare of abandoned children.

Quality Assurance Policies

We are committed to satisfying the needs of children under the measurement of restoration or rights and to their families; to the mothers with a pregnancy in conflict; and to the adoptive families, through the values and principles of a harmonic social coexistence and overall care, backed on the constant improvement of our services.

Quality Goals:

Our Mision

Our Vision