Children under protection

La Casa de la Madre y el Niño cares for children under the measure of restoration of rights who have been victims of any form of maltreatment. We aim at the opportune restoration of their rights guaranteeing the right to be with a family guarantors of all their rights, either by returning them to their own family or by declaring them in situation of adoptability We have served more than 15,000 boys and girls.

La Casa de la Madre y el Niño provides overall care and attention in: health services counting with professionals in Pediatrics, General Medicine, Nutrition, Respiratory and Physical Therapy; development services such as : education, phono audiology, and in psycho social services. Thus we satisfy efficiently and effectively the real needs of every child, counting with committed professionals who work with love for all the children.

During the period that they remain with us, the children enjoy with lodging according to their chronological age, having care areas such as nursery for the newborns and toddlers; isolation areas to take care of children with different pathologies; comfortable rooms, lounges, play-center, computer room, gym for psycho-motor skills, reading room, wide green spaces, bathrooms according to age, and dining room. All the areas are duly equipped.

All the children get involved in healthy activities such as swimming, yoga, dance, sports, and arts and crafts. Some of these are offered within the institution and others outside the facilities. The city also offers museums, parks, bicycle routes, cinemas, shopping malls, public sites, etc. They all provide an opportunity to the children to socialize, learn and develop.