If you want information about your roots, it is very important for you to check ICBF Guidelines and the Law 1098, 2006, where you would find exactly what Colombian law determines.

To review the Law of the Code of Childhood and Adolescence, go to page 27, Article 75, paragraphs 1 and 2


Aditionally, ICBF has appointed Dr. Elizabeth Gonzalez to answer all questions about roots and handle the dossiers.
Her e-mail is: busquedaorigenesadoptados@icbf.gov.co

We are attaching the forms that ICBF will ask you to complete, so you can become familiar with the process.

Though we are not the competent authority to help you with this particular request about your roots, the governmental guidelines clearly express that the legal and regular path is the ICBF, we would be delighted to count with your visit, so you can reconnect with those roots where you grew part of your childhood. To walk again those corridors that still preserve the same dedication and love that we give to all the children who have lived in our institution. Of course we can share all those memories we have of your stay at La Casa, with our greatest love.