A family for every child

International adoptions are only open for families considering the adoption of children with especial characteristics and needs, defined by the Colombian Government as children who are:

Currently, there are more than 6,000 children with special needs waiting for a loving home. Moved by this critical situation, La Casa de la Madre y el Niño opened five years ago, the program “A family for every child”, through which we have been able to give hope back to more than 300 minors with especial characteristics and needs. We are convinced that all those 6,000 children will be able to find the warmth of a home. If you or your spouse are not Colombian citizens, you should contact an adoption agency accredited in Colombia, to pursue with the adoption process. For information or questions regarding the adoption process, please contact any of the accredited agencies provided in the ICBF link below.

Organism and International Agencies

In Colombia, there are seven private Institutions approved and authorized by ICBF to carry out adoption processes, known as IAPAS. The processes for international adoptions in Colombia are done through accredited agencies or organisms, and in the places where there is no accredited agencies, through the country’s central authority. In the following link you can find them and download their costs for the adoption process.

Download Cost List