“In Colombia there are no children difficult to adopt, there are adults incapable of giving them a family.” Cristina Plazas (former ICBF Director).

Vacation abroad is a program for the social and family inclusion of children and adolescents with especial characteristics and needs (8 older than 8 years old and sibling groups), who have been declared in adoptability. Its main purpose is to contribute to the fundamental right of the children to grow up in a family.

The program identifies an American family who is interested in hosting a child/children during the vacation periods and it is aimed at the construction of an affective bond which will allow the hosting family to continue the relationship with the child/children, either by becoming adoptive family or Godparents.

During the time they are participating in the program, the children and adolescents, make new experiences, and enrich with a cultural exchange, thus strengthening their social and communication skills, enhancing their self-esteem and increasing the possibility of finding a permanent family through adoption.

For the program of Vacations Abroad, La Casa has partnerships with KidSave International (, Night Light Cristian Adoptions (, Lifeline Children Services ( and Madison Adoption

Since we started the program, 100 children have participated and 80 were adopted.