What is the Association of Families and Friends of La Casa (AFA)?

AFA is an association created by families and friends of La Casa de la Madre y el Niño, It is an independent legal entity that works as a helping hand for parents, adopted kids of La Casa and the institution itself. It intends to guide and serve every person in the community throughout the entire support net. It also leads additional projects that intend to raise funds that will allow the consolidation of the social mission of the institution. 

How did AFA start?

A group of parents and kids conscious and grateful for what La Casa did for them, created an association that intends to give back a little of what they received from the institution. Their commitment is to become a support source that will allow the same opportunities for future generations. 

Why belong to this Association?

Because it is a way to maintain a close bond with La Casa, to meet and maintain contact with other adoptees and families who share a lot of common interests.

What benefits result from this membership?

  • Continue to be actively linked to La Casa community. You will receive periodic communications regarding events, plans and exclusive meetings for AFA members.
  • Become a part of local committees that will allow your involvement with the institution according to your available time and your talents. 
  • Stay connected with other members of the community. 
  • Participate actively in all the projects and activities that will be our sustainability source. 
  • Psychological and legal guidance regarding the adoption process. (This does not cover or replace the process charges)
  • Discounts in all of la Casa’s souvenirs and services offered by la Casa’s families. 

*The counseling includes general information and issues related to the adoption process

How can I contribute by becoming a member of the Association?

We all have different talents and time availability, this is why we have a variety of committees you can join. Our available committees are:

  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Advocacy
  • Event Planning

What is the process to follow to become a member of the Association?

What is the annual fee and how can you pay?

  • The annual fee is USD 100.00 This amount can be payed in pesos, dollars or euros taking into account the change of the day in which the payment was made.
  • Payments can be made using Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Cash or Check and the payment should be directed to the association. 

How the renew your membership?

  • If you made your payment using a credit card you can ask the bank to make the annual payment automatically, if not the association will send you an annual reminder.



To deposit in the United States
Account Name: La Casa Friends
Account Number: 337730920
Swift: Chasus33
ABA Number: 021000021
Routing Number: 267084131
Bank: Chase Bank

To deposit in Colombia
Banco ITAU
Asociación Familias y Amigos de La Casa de la Madre y el Niño
NIT: 901.154.046-8
Cuenta: 037-56025-7

How can I renew it?

If you pay by Credit Card, you may set it to make a renewal every year. Otherwise it is your responsibility to renew it every year either by doing it electronically in the Website or by contacting the Association.

In which countries is the Association present?

United States
* Available in other countries soon


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