We opened a new youth home for children 10 to 17 years old



Dear family and friends of La Casa,

La Casa de la Madre y el Niño has very successfully embraced children with special needs for the last five years. One of the main characteristics special needs children have been labeled as such is precisely their age group. A large percentage of families say they prefer to adopt children under the age of five. However, at La Casa, we have turned those cases into a myth and all children get a home regardless of their age or characteristics.

Since our foundation in 1942 the focus of La Casa has been to welcome newborns up to 10 years old. However, by expanding the age range we were being challenged because neither our facilities were adequate to receive more children, nor our programs had an emphasis in this age range. It did not seem appropriate either to mix children of all ages with such heterogeneous backgrounds.

We keep seeing miracles. While we were looking for alternative solutions, a Colombian family fell in love with our cause and they donated a house that meets all the necessary specifications to achieve this goal. In a record time of 30 days we have adapted the new house to welcome 28 children between the ages of 10 and 17. These children’s hope is to be adopted, but meanwhile they fulfill their other dream of staying in a safe home where they will be well looked after.

Despite the fact that the facilities were donated, we still need a big support from our community to kick-start this beautiful cause. We look for volunteers and donations gifts and in kind. If you are able to help us in any way please email; susana@icrmia.com . Here below you will find the list of some of the items that urge us the most in order to endow the house.

Thank you ever so much for your generosity.


Clothes Sizing 10-18 (Youth S,M,L)
Shoe Sizes 6-12 (USA) 35-44 (Europe)


  1. Sweatpants and sweatshirts
  2. White T shirts
  3. White polo style shirts
  4. Blouses or sleeve shirts
  5. Sweaters
  6. Jackets
  7. Boxers or underwear (boys)
  8. Underwear (girls)
  9. Bras (size 32-36)
  10. Pajamas
  11. Shorts
  12. Jeans
  13. Bathing suits


  1. Musical Instruments
  2. Board games
  3. Bicycles
  4. Sound System
  5. Computers
  6. Projectors
  7. Game Consoles
  8. Video games
  9. Suitcases
  10. Roller skates, skateboards


  1. Toothpaste
  2. Deodorants
  3. Hand towels
  4. Body towels
  5. Toothbrush
  6. Body cream
  7. Shampoo and rinse
  8. Hairbrushes and combs
  9. Shavers and shaver cream
  10. Soap
  11. Sunscreen


  1. Sheets and pillowcases
  2. Comforters
  3. Pillows

We are touched by so many people are continuously supporting La Casa. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to continue growing and expand our help to more children in our country.

God Bless you all,